Yoga and Creative Outlet Retreats

In 2012, Ignite Your Bliss was founded with the principle that everyone has passion that should be followed. Unfortunately, for most of us, it’s not. We get pulled into different directions of our career, relationships, education, that eventually we don’t have any time left for our own passions and we’re too busy realize it. Ignite Your Bliss creates experiences in inspirational locations all over the world. Our instructors give you the tools to follow the hobbies or interests you have always wanted to and our yoga instructors help connect your mind, body, and spirit. We organize cultural day trips to see the sights but also give you time to relax by the pool or read that book that’s been sitting on your Kindle for the past year. We help you find your inspiration spot!

The Instructors 

Melissa Leger Yoga and Creative Outlet RetreatsMelissa Leger | Founder & Yoga Instructor


Melissa  Leger is the founder of Ignite Your Bliss and yoga instructor. After a career in the Army and finance, she began to feel the pressures of mindlessly achieving more but having a constant feeling of emptiness. Through her yoga practice and eventually her teacher training, she began to feel alive, empowered, and aware. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 at Mindful Yoga Academy in Spain, Level I of Blooma's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, and Level of Yoga Gangsters training working with At Risk Youth, and is completing her 500 hour training at the Yandara Institute in Mexico. She also owns Green Locus Yoga in Tampa, Florida which aims to make yoga accessible to the community regardless of age, body type, or ability. She loves cooking meals, traveling, and spending time with her dogs and husband.





Shelly Happell Yoga and Creative Outlet RetreatsShelly Happel | Yoga Instructor


Shelly Happel is a certified yoga instructor and a licensed massage therapist (LMT). She has been studying yoga since 1995 and teaching non-stop since 1999.  With over twenty years of experience she combines her knowledge of anatomy with the yoga postures to help students understand their bodies. Her classes are fun, energetic, informative and unpredictable which allows beginners or seasoned practitioners to gain something from each class. She is passionate about music and usually brings some kind of musical instrument to each class. Check out the unique experience of a Shelly Yoga Class!


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